By law, the Institutional Review Board is an autonomous committee in charge of assuring that all research involving human subjects as participants is carried out as required by applicable regulations and IAUPR Human Subject Protection norms and policies. This applies to human subject research generated by our students, faculty, researchers and administrators and research that involves IAUPR community that has been generated or developed  by an external researcher.
The IAUPR IRB is composed by at least five (5) alternate and permanent members. The membership is determined by applicable regulations and can include full professors with extensive experience in research settings and publications, as well as, administrators. The IAUPR IRB also has a community member and a Legal Counsel.
Some of the responsibilities assigned to the IRB are:

  • Initial review of non-exempt by law protocols
  • Continuing review of non-exempt protocols
  • Assure that approved protocols are carried out as required by applicable laws
  • Assure that the institution complies with all applicable norms and regulations related to human subject protection
  • Prepare and maintain all documentation related to each protocol
  • Provide training to the researchers, students and university community
  • Development and dissemination of applicable IAUPR norms and policies related to human subject protection
  • Review and determination of any adverse event related to approved protocols
  • Maintain informed institutional officials about changes in regulations
  • Maintain informed institutional officials and the US Department of Health about non-compliance issues and corrective action plans that the IRB has required to the researcher(s)